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Anyone else have issues with Techsupport, its completely cha...

Warren Hinchliffe

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Technical Support KnowledgeBase Search is not available.

Thats disheartening.

I know Im a rarity, but Im looking for 8207.19 to become GA (Generally Available) as Im mid installation on some machines. So Im checking my downloads every day. Often times, the newly available release is there in your list a full day or even two before you get an email about it.

This is not available normally at this time.

Meantime, you can try going to google and searching for content from there. Like:

CREATE SYNONYM site:informationbuilders.com

This will find some, but not all of the manuals where this is listed.

Hopefully this is working again soon.

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I dont thnk so, the Tibco deal wont be finalized until probably December after their Fiscal year end.

Waz you need to update your profile so we know who you really are. For those of you that dont know Warren, he is the Focal Point (myibi predecessor) Expert that has more posts than anyone active on that site 6,340. Doug Lee has close to 3,500 so we have some very experienced customers helping us provide excellent guidance.

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