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  1. Could you possibly link the button to a javascript function like history.back() or history.go(-1)
  2. Hi Erin, Your initial request was to "check a user's last login into the system and disable any user accounts that have not logged in for the past 90 days". A question: have you found the solution to disable any user accounts ?
  3. Hello, Just to confirm - from a licensing perspective - if a customer acquires iWay Service Manager, is TPM included with the license, or does it need to be licensed separately?
  4. Hi Brad, Could you post the equivalent code that you used to produce W2reg.
  5. Thanks @Paul Thompson
  6. Hello everyone/anyone, What is the current status of WebFOCUS online training and certification for customers?
  7. Hi Erin, If you have multiple "binary" files that have the same structure/format, then you could perhaps concatenate them with the FILEDEF command e.g. The following commands concatenate the three files. FILEDEF FILE1 DISK app1/file1.ftm FILEDEF FILE2 DISK app1/file2.ftm FILEDEF FILE3 DISK app1/file3.ftm FILEDEF FILE1 CONCAT FILE2 FILE3 The following procedure issues a request against the concatenated files. TABLE FILE FILE1 SUM COGS_US REVENUE_US BY STATE_PROV_NAME ON TABLE SET PAGE NOPAGE ON TABLE SET STYLE * GRID=OFF, SIZE=8,$ END Server Administration 241
  8. Hi Erin, What is the format of the data? e.g. XFOCUS file, fixed-format text file or RDBMS like MS SQL Server.
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