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Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi Melinda

Change Management (CM) - need an easy way to roll back updates.

During the import process, a CM package has all the information needed to backup all of the objects its about to update.

The flow should be similar to:


Choose the CM package to Import.

In the import dialog add a default rollback folder / filename and give the option to create a roll back package. I would make this defaulted to Yes since most of us would want to know we have a backup of everything in case we need to put it all back.

After the import, if a someone tells the admin (me in this case) theres a problem, I could go select my Roll Back CM package from the Roll Backs folder and Import it. I would not need the checkbox on creating a Roll Back Package when Im restoring, so that option could be disabled if you think thats a good idea.


This simple extra step of exporting the objects that are about to be replaced would give an added level of safety in case anything in your package is the culprit to an error.

For any of you who have to mess with CM packages now, heres how you can do the same thing yourself right now.


When you copy your CM package to the target machine, copy it to BOTH the Import and Export folder.

Using the Legacy home page (if you need to), first go to the CM Export folder where you new CM package is waiting. Click on the name of the CM package and then use your favorite method of renaming the CM package and add a suffix to it like _bkup.

Run a CM Export on using your package_bkup that you created in step 2. This way the filename will be obvious to you when looking for your backup / roll back files.

Now its safe to go ahead with your CM Import as you normally would.



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Tobys reply (below) reminded my of this: Change Management (CM) Automation.


At least Import and/or copy from one environment to the next higher environment.

Really Helpful: a method, from within a fex to make a RESTful call to the OS script. That script would perform such things as Automated Testing and exit with a Return Code (Pass/Fail or a numeric) that the calling fex would process for continuation within that fex.







Change Management (CM) - need an easy way to roll back updates.

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