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Any ideas about controlling RECOMPUTE or SUMMARIZE Display o...

Charles Roller

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Any ideas about controlling RECOMPUTE or SUMMARIZE Display options My particular challenge is to elimenate (if I can) the default additional skip line and the word TOTAL from the RECOMPUTE total display. Im kinda of stuck in going this route I have a crazy report when the output Including the column headings are really Fields (verb objects) grouped together and then each group is broken apart or separated by OVERs. The approach is working great as far as the alignment of columns and all of that is concerned. Im somewhat locked into this as Ive verified with IBI Support that the use of SUBHEADs and SUBFOOTs create some huge alignment problems.

But the problem I have is that I cant seem to find the syntax (if it exists) to suppress the extra skip-line that come with RECOMPUTE when it generates IT"S output line:

what I get is :

*TOTAL supervisor name

6 6 10 186 187 16 8 404 112 52 0

9 9 36 197 244 49 8 456 187 124 20

66.67% 66.67% 27.78% 94.42% 76.64% 32.65% 100.00% 88.60% 59.89% 41.94% 0.00%

(the numeric columns are properly aligned with the columns headings in real life) what Im trying to get to is supervisor name (No TOTAL) and ideally the supervisor name would be aligned with the first numeric line. The code is pretty simple (subset)



Col_Header_FIELD01_line1 AS

Col_Header_FIELD02 line1 AS

Col_Header_FIELD03 line1 AS

blah blah


Col_Header_FIELD01_line2 AS

Col_Header_FIELD02 line2 AS

Col_Header_FIELD03 line2 AS

Blah blah


Good_count_FIELD01 AS

Good_count_FIELD02 AS

Good_count_FIELD03 AS

Blah blah


TOT_count_FIELD01 AS

TOT_count_FIELD02 AS

TOT_count_FIELD03 AS

Blah blah


COMPUTE PCT_GOOD_PCT01 = ( Good_count_FIELD01 /TOT_count_FIELD01 ) AS

COMPUTE PCT_GOOD_PCT03 = ( Good_count_FIELD02 /TOT_count_FIELD02 ) AS

COMPUTE PCT_GOOD_PCT03 = ( Good_count_FIELD03 /TOT_count_FIELD03 ) AS

Blah blah

BY SUPERVISOR AS NOPRINT RECOMPUTE (possible options Here - Not Sure )



The Supervisor and Year_month vales are either SUBHEADed or embedded within the Column Heading Fields

Other than the RECOMPUTE Line This thing works like a charm. But I could have sworn there were some other options for RECOMPUTE and SUMMARIZE. But the documentation and Support site are awful. I really wish IBI had some SQL like docs that show an exploded syntax tree like what you see in Oracle or SQL Server documentation. I doing this under 8.2.04 BTW.

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