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Where can I get real time data when procedures. I know I ca...

Kristi Carter

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Where can I get real time data when procedures. I know I can get the information in the Workspace area on the Report Server, however I want to build reports off of this data. I am sure that it is getting stored, but unsure how to get to this data or master files to be able to create my own reports off of it. We have Resource Analyzer Enabled.

Where can I get this data to create reports off of it Below is print screen of what I am needing to create the reports off of.

Also, anyone have any existing fex files that have been useful for them that they can share or provide suggestions on what has worked for your companies


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There are a lot of good reports that come with Resource Analyzer in the Reporting Server Console click on the resource management area and there is a folder called reports you can expand and then under the Resource Analyzer there are reposts like Usage Analysis and Performance analysis. If you still dont find a report you like then there is a master file called rmldb in the ibisrv82wfscatalogrm folder you can copy to any of your app folders (like baseapp) and then report against it.

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Chucks answer is right on point - many good reports already available if you have RA licensed, and it sounds like you do since you have it enabled, although you may want to review what is being monitored to make sure what you want to report is being captured. And the MFDs (there are actually 2, 1 is historical) will let you create custom reports, or you can find the standard rpt fex files and modify them as needed. Prior to the intro of EUM, there were several pieces of documentation in Focal Point and other places on how to do what youre asking
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Hi Kristi

Resource analyzer is your friend here. People do write their own reports using Resource Analyzer data.

One thing to note about it is that the recent info about who is running what gets written to a flat log file. Later it will be picked up and merged with the rest of your data which is stored in a database.

To get your current info - you need to make sure you use the right techniques.

I need to re-familiarize myself with this. I hope Bruce Cavendar is still around in support since he was the most knowledgeable in this area.

I thought I should pass this technique along:

Own Resource Analyzer reports misses recent activities

That master file - rmldb is a key place to start. What I plan to do is find the factory built reports and read them. Theyll show how they MATCH or merge the recent info in the log files with the older historical info in the database.

Heres your 8206 manual in PDF form:

Resource Analyzer Administrators and Users Manual

That manual is going to say its for release 7710 instead of 8206. These numbers can be confusing but thats the same thing as 8206. See my Post in the Admin category about 77x to 8x version mapping for more info.

I will be going down this same trail pretty soon to enable it for the first time for my current clients.

Hope that gets you started.


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Resource Management/Analyzer makes use of two sets of data; rmldb, which is for historical information; and rmldata, which is more current. Essentially, if Resource Analyzer is enabled, various types of information is appended to the rmldata.log file. Which record types are saved is based on the Resource Management Repository Settings (accessible from the Resource Management tab on the WebFOCUS Server console). The default location for the rmldata.log is the EDACONF (e.g, /ibi/srv82/wfs). Based on the archiving schedule settings, the rmldata.log data in uploaded to the rmldb database (which is relational, or possibly FOCUS-based). All of this is covered in detail in the Resource Analyzer Administrators and Users Manual, mentioned above.

By the way, you can find just about any Information Builders manual you might be looking for at: http://documentation.informationbuilders.com/collections.asp. You can also ask your ibi Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or Technical Account Manager for more information.

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Im looking into this data as well (from the database end). I would love to make better use of data there too.

Is there a way to associate WFBIP* tables to the SM* ones I see data in both that I could use, but I would like join them together. The WFBIP has the dashboard (well the dashboard path anyhow in WFBIP_PAGE) and the SM* tables have more of the usage stats. I cant find anything in the SM tables that reference a specific dashboard.

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