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Okay guys, Id swear I remember seeing this back in the days...

Toby Mills

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Well - my memory is really old I guess. I found this back at the end of 12/2009 in the MRE manual:


Managed Reporting

Developers Manual

Version 7 Release 6.1 and Higher



Customize Managed Reporting. Managed Reporting enables you to customize the

user environment by adding profiles and customized help files to domains. A profile,

which runs each time a user opens a Managed Reporting domain, can provide introductory

information about the domain. Customized help files, which users access from a Managed

Reporting domain, provide additional information specific to the domain, including detailed

explanations of Standard Reports and Reporting Objects.


Im not even really sure why this got in my head today. We can always code sometime ourselves via site.wfs or wherever.

And weve got &IBIMR_Domain alive (assuming we have it turned on). So really, I guess I have what Id want.

Ill leave this up for another couple of days in case anybody has thoughts to share. Otherwise, I think we can mark this as closed.



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Okay guys,

Id swear I remember seeing this back in the days of MRE in 77x. I thought we might have had a profile we could fire off anytime someone ran a focexec inside a domain. This would be different than a client side site profile (that runs for all requests).

And Im not thinking of the .prfs that we might use over on the WFRS to do the same sort of thing

I could totally be mis-remembering this or maybe I had some odd dream about it. I feel like I read it in a Summary of New Features and thought - Hey, thats a great idea. But I do not recall ever actually using it for myself.

Now that Im doing more SAAS kind of work, it seems more useful to think of trying to get the client side to behave like we could do on the WFRS side. You know, like a global profile that runs for everybody (in all Domains) and then another profile that runs for a domain. I suppose it might also make sense to say there should be a client side profile for a group and for a user if we want to get carried away.

Do any of you know of a Domain kind of profile fex Or do we just have to -INCLUDE our own when we want to do that

I know ways to fake it, but I have this gnawing feeling that a new feature came along (years ago) to do this very thing.



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