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Lets give you a couple of examples of insights: Correlati...

Manoj Chaurasia

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Lets give you a couple of examples of insights:



Correlations: Detect cases where multiple measures show a similar trend or pattern to explain signals and trends in the data


Outliers: Identify unusual patterns in data; there are multiple types of outliers based on the count of categories (Dominants) and the average function for measures against dimensions


Time-based: Analyze business data over time to identify consistent and inconsistent patterns in noisy data.


If you like your Insights, you can add them to existing portals and dashboards to share them with other users.

Read up here on how you can start generating analytic insights in WebFOCUS Designer, as of WebFOCUS 8207.13.

Use this post to share your insights, or connect with your peers!

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Hey Melinda,

I have followed the instructions in Appendix A of the Install PDF however the final step is to manually update the edaserve.cfg. While the training I have taken suggests you dont manually update this file I have done so, restarted all services but Insights is still not showing for me.

Is there a setting within the Admin Console I sould be updating instead


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