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I have updated my Chrome driver but I still get this error- ...

Donal Mattimoe

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Whats the minor release of 8207.xx

Does this happen only in App Studio or can you use this version of Chrome to log into WebFOCUS and run reports

Does the App Studio version match the WebFOCUS version

Take a look at page 71 of https://webfocusinfocenter.informationbuilders.com/wfdesigner/pdfs7/as_install.pdf for manual registration to enable multiple browser support. Perhaps theres something in there thatll help get past this problem.

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To use Chrome or Firefox, the product requires registration of the

IBIWebBrowserDrivers_dotnet_35.dll .NET module that is included with the product. If the registration of the module fails, the developer will not be able to switch browsers. To

address this issue, the developer must register the required module manually.

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