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We use the following -SET command in a lot in our fexes to p...

Douglas Lee 2

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Neither, just a fex that has the following code which will be used in various scenarios.


Is there a way to change what the calendar actually outputs Like, in good ol days of the Calendar Control settings in the HTML Composer

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We use the following -SET command in a lot in our fexes to prompt the user for a date, and they seem to like the calendar prompt.


However, the problem is the resulting date value is formatted like this: August 26 2020 which is nice for display, but not for screening within the WHERE statements or DM Commands like DATEADD, etc or other dialogue manager friendly for other functions like DATECVT, DATEMOV, etc.

Do you know of a way to change the format returned by the calendar, such as the YYMD format

Weve discovered defines work to convert it, but we need to convert it in DM and not a fex.

Thanks, Doug

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