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I would like to use the NON-collaborative portal because I l...


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I would like to use the NON-collaborative portal because I like the features. However, I have a case where I need to do a couple of things that I WAS able to do in a collaborative portal, but cant figure out if it is possible in the NON-collaborative portal. i have a report that has a column that contains edit record when the user clicks it, it goes to an html screen (which receives the ID from the row that was clicked). This all works, BUT, I want that html screen to open up on one of the panels on the portal screen, not a new window. I was able to do this in the collaborative portal by referencing the target property in the drilldown and choosing the panel that I wanted it to be in, but here, I cant get it to work. Also, I want the new html content in the panel to be able to refresh one of the panels in the portals once the user types in data and presses submit. Again, not sure how to reference the panel in these portals. In App studio, I was just putting in the Panel name in a refreshReports javascript method. How do you call these panels

I have 8.2.06 by the way

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I did a workaround after a tip from IBI. I created an html page that held all of the panels that I needed on my page. Then I created hidden parameters on that html page that would get values from the Portal. The html page had the static parameters like this: !IBI.AMP.FUND_DESCR; Then I created a procedure that had lines for all parameters like this: -TYPE &FUND_DESCR EQ &FUND_DESCR; (for each parameter) and within that procedure a referenced HTMLFORM like this

-HTMLFORM IBFS://(location of html form with the panels). And then on the portal page, I drag the procedure onto the page and it all works together. I can use the parameters from the Designer portal and they affect the portal page. I can click on something in one panel of the html page and have it trigger another panel in the html page. I just removed all of the borders of the objects and you really cant tell the difference.

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