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I have global parameters being passed to an index page using...

Marita Locklear

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I have global parameters being passed to an index page using collaborative portals I think. I did not initially code these pages and it is hard to tell which selection they chose to create the portal after the fact. I do know it is not web designer and they were created in 8.2.02M.

We recently upgraded to from 8.2.02M and the ESRI map stopped working when passing parameters which limited the pull based on a parameter called assigned offenders. It works if I come in with an userid who does not use this parameter field. The weird part for me is that the points are displayed so the .fex is working correctly it is just the image is not displayed.

All the widgets are there which should show for the maps but just not he map itself. I am having a hard time troubleshooting this code because 1. it isnt mine. and 2. I am not getting any errors to point to why it is not pulling in the image for the map correctly.

Has anyone else had similar issues with trying to debug why and ESRI Map image will not display when passing parameters using a global filter in the portal designer How do you go about debugging it and how do you find Refresh1 function I am calling it but it is not part of my code so must be afunction built into WebFOCUS.

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I get the same results in APP Studio if I use an id which has the ability to see these buttons. Images attached. When buttons are there the map disappears but the widgets and and the reports are running fine including the one which runs with the map. But it all works fine with the buttons hidden. The buttons are always there just not visible when offenders are not assigned to the user signed on.

This was all working prior to the upgrade from 8.2.02M to


mapnotworkingafterupgrade.png1904948 221 KB


workingmap.jpg1915933 553 KB

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The location stays the same only the data displayed changes. Instead of the entire list showing for that agency it only shows the assigned participants for the officer. all else stays the same. but even when the all participants is selected now it will not show the map. The green and yellow dots are there though so the reports are definitely filtering. But it could still be an API call changing. I will look at that to see if i need to make a call with the filter on. Thanks!
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Hi Pawan!

Yes you did develop these for me! Thanks!

They are set and were working prior to the upgrade. I have a feeling that it is the POI call to the API which is not initializing on the first run. I have it working if I choose the All Participants and then come back to the My Participants then the maps load for the second and third calls. But that initial load it is failing. It is defaulting to My Participants and it is chained for the filters below it Customer and Officer

These were actually there originally just hidden when a customer signs on who does not use this feature. Those customers have no issues with the maps on initial load or subsequent filter selections.

Thanks for your help

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Yes and the error I get does not tell me much and I get the error even when the map is working so think it is related to something else. All values are passing correctly but it is hard to find the emfobject and what it is in the debugging tools. Don and Fulviu have helped as well. I been on it all day today and it is kinda frustrating me.
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Hi Marita

Ive been watching your thread with some interest as I have to do some mapping and dont have a lot of experience here.

I do know that it all starts with getting the data right in the first place.

Have you tried not making a map and just looking at TABLE FILE output to see if everything works okay The goal being to reduce the possible problems by removing the maps all together to see if the problem still exists. Itll help techsupport if you have already decided its not really the map and more of the data collection thats the issue.

Just wondering if that helps you narrow it down.

Good luck! Keep us posted if you open a case and get good feedback.



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If you still have both environments available, you might want to open this application in App Studio and compare the load process in Tasks & Animations. Do both environments point to the same data In other words, could there be a possibility of missing or null values coming back that might cause your upgraded version not be able to render a map Also, do you have a NODATA value set in your profile or the fex itself If so, what is it Ultimately, if it works in one environment and doesnt when you upgrade and all other pieces are the same, you should open a ticket with ibi tech support. They can turn on traces and help you figure out what has to be done.
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I do not have my old environments anymore and I do have a ticket open with IBI. Just not getting anywhere with them as usual.

I have a focnull passing but I am not sure about the NODATA value. I will check into this. Traces are turning up nothing which is why it is so hard to figure this out.

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