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Im trying to create a portal in Designer and I love it. Ho...


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Im trying to create a portal in Designer and I love it. However, the parameters dont seem to be chained together to where selecting the first parameter will filter what is available in the second parameter list. How do I get this to happen We are using 8.2.06 WebFocus Enterprise Editiion.

I found this in some documentation: WebFOCUS Designer chains controls automatically, if the parameters are defined in the metadata layer with the WITHIN keyword to relate them.

But I cannot find anything saying HOW to do that

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You can still do it in 8206 by something like this.




This should create chained filters on the page, in the order REGION>BRANCH>Sales Rep

But, in 8207 at some release, there is a bi-directional chaining which is pretty cool!

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If all the chained fields are in the same synonym then create drill levels on the fields you are trying to chain.

If are no drill levels on the fields then they have a single blue dot seen in the InfoAssist interface.


1.PNG442516 64.6 KB


To add drill levels, open the synonym (Business View), choose the fields in the order you want to define levels. So, in the example, I choose COUNTRY, CAR and MODEL in that order and created Drill Level. In this interface, I wish there is a way to verify the drill levels graphically. Unfortunately, there is none.


2.PNG872675 119 KB


There are couple of ways to verify drill levels. One way is by looking at the synonym in the text editor. The other way is in the InfoAssist. The fields having drill levels are represented with blue dots incrementing based on the levels.


3.PNG842708 148 KB


In the example, I choose the fields having drill levels as dynamic parameters. When you create Portal page then the filters will appears as control and they are automatically chained.


4.PNG628553 26 KB

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