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Im wondering if anyone thought of subscription of a page li...

Pawan Vuppala

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Hey Pawan

I think thats a really neat idea.

You might try opening a case with techsupport for an NFR.

Make sure its for 8207 so theyll pay more attention to it.

Also, try to provide some generic justification for the NFR like:

Business users would like to be alerted to changes in KPIs.


Tableau has this feature and WebFOCUS users would like to continue to have it.

Theyll tell you about caster alerts, but you can say youre looking for something that sends an email when ANYTHING on a portal page changes (if thats what youre after).

If a competitor has it, we should have something similar in our products.

Good idea!


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Admittedly I dont know much about subscribing to a page in other products. When I googled this for Tableau, it sounds like they just schedule a picture of the portal page to be sent to a user. I know theres a button you can expose in Designer that lets users take a pdf or image of the portal as it appears. Combining that with Report Caster should essentially create the same effect.

However, the point of a portal (as opposed to a dashboard) is its interactivity, tooltips and drill downs. A static image cant accomplish that. An AHTML page might be a better solution. It can be password protected, zipped and have an expiration date.

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