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I am searching for some documentation on the steps of how to...

Kristi Carter

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Hi Kristi

There are a few ways for you to go here. One way, thats kind of heavy handed is to use MODIFY or MAINTAIN to insert a bunch of records youve got in a HOLD file.

You can also try to use bulk loading and other things in Data Migrator to help you.

Can you tell me if your report reads data from Oracle as well Like maybe youre building a summary report from some Oracle Tables - and youd like to hold that set of records (the summary report info) in an Oracle database table

If you can tell us the flow of what you want to do, itll help us get you some answers.

For those of you reading this - Im wondering if ON TABLE HOLD FORMAT SAMEDB might be an option

Also how many rows are we talking about inserting This might help us decide whether youd be better off doing a bulk load or not for efficiencys sake. What do you plan to use this data for (other reports I guess)



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Thanks so much for you reply.

What I am looking to do is the following:



Run a Query/Fex file and insert the results into an Oracle Table including columns with no data, that will be used later for manual updates.



Create a form or option that will allow the end user to pull the data based on a date selected, and be able to modify and add values to the fields we included.



Once this is completed. then final reports and review will be developed and calculations will be added using the manually updated fields.



Note: We dont currently have MAINTAIN in our licenses to be able to use. I am hoping that we can still do these options without that.

We do have Data Migrator as an option, and I know I can at least get Stepp 1 completed through that, however this option is currently only done by another department so I am looking to see if I can do this maybe through MODIFY as you stated.

Any suggestions would be great.



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Without Maintain, thisll have to be an Oracle Form or some kind of an application youll have to write to collect the values from the user and update the rows. You need logic to deal with ADD UPDATE and DELETE. What kind of transaction processing volume are we talking about How many users, rows, et cetra.
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Thanks for the clarification on being able to update using a form. I am going to need to go to a different direction and see if our Web Application team can possibly create something for us since we dont have MAINTAIN.

We should still be able to create a hold file and send to an Oracle Database using MODIFY or the functions within the User Interface though right



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