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Is there an area to list job/consulting opportunities on the...

John Bahe

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To anyone that might be interested we are looking for someone familiar with Mainframe FOCUS. This person should be knowledgeable in an MVS environment, understand somewhat complex FOCUS code, JCL, FOCUS databases, etc. Reach out to me if you feel like you have these qualifications. This would be a contract position
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Hey John - how are things

I presume youre looking for a full time guy right Just asking since there are several of us long time contractor types around.

And as an incentive to anyone thinking about it, is this a remote position

To anybody considering this, US Bank is a heavy user of WebFOCUS/FOCUS in a number of environments. It would be a great place to work and your skills will be challenged. Dont think that this is a dead end mainframe job of old / weak code where you wont learn anything. Theres a lot to learn there!

Toby Mills, CISSP

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What city is this in and is it remote. I worked in the MVS and JCL world for 15 years while I was in the USMC. I have worked with WebFOCUS for 8 yrs. But I have not worked with both at the same time. I did worked with the AS400 (iSeries) and WebFOCUS at the same time.
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