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So what tools do you guys like to use while working I have ...

Toby Mills

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So what tools do you guys like to use while working

I have no stake in the game here - these are just tools that Ive been using for years.

For example, I use these:

Fiddler - For tracing the HTTP calls and being able to send my HTTP traffic to techsupport for analysis.

UltraEdit - For my main text editor. I use the Column Edit and search and replace through a whole folder structure to alter CM packages and other things.

Agent Ransack - I use this as my main search for string in files application. Its really fast. Plus it can search through all my Excel files. I store lots of my documentation for my admin duty in Excel so this is very handy.

Beyond Compare - I use this as my main comparison tool to compare files / folders. It even has some value in trying to compare PDFs of manuals from one release to the next to see whats different. Or compare CM Exports from 2 environments and see whats different in your code. Or a popular one for me is to compare all the Config files for WebFOCUS or Tomcat while troubleshooting admin stuff.

I have another tool that unfortunately the company that made it does not support 8207. The TWGI Find Tool is super helpful in my 8105m environment. It lets me search for anything in the repository code. I can search comments to find peoples initials or look for a list of all the reports in a domain that have a certain fieldname or &variable in it. It makes Excel files so I can use those to project how much work I need to do. The product didnt really take off which is too bad. Its really helpful. Maybe someone else will come up with something like it.

What do you like Im not a heavy Wireshark user but if anybody here is good with it - Id like to learn more about it.

Toby Mills, CISSP

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