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I was just wondering if the content we post here shows up wh...

Toby Mills

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I was just wondering if the content we post here shows up when youre searching in techsupport.ibi.com similar to Focal Point

I did a short test and copied Debs mention of MSSMS and searched on that string in techsuppport and didnt find the post.

Do we know when / if myibi.ibi.com will be searched by techsupport

I used to really like that I could go to one spot and search for solutions from everywhere in one shot.

I bet the plan is for it to be searched in the future. In the meantime, as a suggestion to get it in the search faster, maybe we could write something to copy our threads into Focal Point (without images of course) or as if each post is a case Anything to make it so the search engine sees it.

With the new guys working support for IBI, itll help them to keep up with things in myibi as they start searching for answers.

Just thinking out loud.


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