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Is there a way to get this to work in the HTML composer $(d...

Les Johnson 3

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have you tried to put the resize function inside of the window_onload function that is included in the html composer embedded javascript tab something similiar like this:

function window_onload(){


alert(resize function);



Is probably that your piece of code is being executed before the jquery reference

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Or a vanilla JavaScript version:

//Begin function window_onload

function window_onload() {

//Below will add content to a blank html page that will show the width and height of the window as it is being resized

var content = '<div id="wrapper" style="font-size:1rem;padding:0 10px 10px 10px;"><p>Resize the browser window to fire the <code style="background:#0002;padding:0 3px;border-radius:3px;">resize</code> event.</p><p><div>Window height: <span id="height"></span></div></p><p><div>Window width: <span id="width"></span></div></p></div>';

document.body.innerHTML = content;


//This is what you need for the resize event

window.onresize = function(){

// Add the code here that you want to execute when the window resizes.

document.getElementById('height').textContent = this.innerHeight;

document.getElementById('width').textContent = this.innerWidth;



//End function window_onload

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