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Ive noticed that once I create a fex using the InfoAssist t...

Manoj Chaurasia

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That is pretty much how it works. If you are very careful to write fairly simple code that IA understands, you can sometimes get it to open again. It is really meant to be a GUI centric product. More complex things that require direct code manipulation are done in Studio. I know that changing Joins to be more complex or working with Hold files are not supported in the GUI of my 7.7.03/04 release of IA.

Kevin W

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The WebFOCUS toolset generates the rich FOCUS fourth generation language. While this language is very extensive, the WebFOCUS toolset only supports a subset of the language and only specific syntax constructs. While the user can manually modify the content of these WebFOCUS procedures and files, there is no guarantee that the user will be able to open the modified procedure in the tool.


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Ive noticed that once I create a fex using the InfoAssist tool, if I need to subsequently edit it in the text editor and then return to open it again in the InfoAssist GUI tool, the option to do this goes away. Only the option to Edit it again is available.

Do you know of a way to resurrect this edited source code back into the InfoAssist GUI tool

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While InfoAssist will continue to be supported as an application in the new ibi platforms, all new AI features for business intelligence and analytics will be released in Designer, our current production release data preparation application, and in the new unified platform, which is in development now. If you would like to learn more about the AI features, or WebFOCUS Designer, just let me know and I can connect you with one of our SMEs.
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