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UX wants to know - What DSML features are you most excited to explore?

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With our latest advancements in DSML capabilities and the next wave of NLQ, Instant Insights and predictive analytics features we are working towards in WebFOCUS, we’re particularly interested to hear what you, our customers, are most excited about. As we continue to explore how AI and ML can improve the way we use data to make real-time business decisions, we’d like to hear your perspective on how it will change the way you work. Which features do you think will add the most value, for you personally, and which do you feel will have the most impact for your organization as a whole?

Please share your thoughts on this subject and what you’re most eager to explore. We have some great videos posted in the ibi Youtube channel that demonstrate our current DSML capabilities in WebFOCUS if you need a refresher. We look forward to hearing your perspectives on Machine learning, automation, and chat-like interfaces and how they may change the way you work.

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