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Add a URL as a Request in App Studio without the ? being added automatically

Erin Trotter
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I am using App Studio 9.0.3.  I am trying to create a button that goes to a Visualization and pass 2 parameters from my App Studio HTML page over to that URL.  However, when I do this, it puts a question mark in front of the first parameter like this (ex:  https://servername/ibi_apps/run.bip?BIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%3A%2FWFC%2FRepository%2FFinancials%2FSpecialReports%2FPODashboard%2FPO_Overview%2F&BIP_item=pooverview?&SUBDIVISIONIDNAME=_FOC_NULL&DEPARTMENT_NAME=102-CMP2 COMMISSIONER PCT. 2 )  and when the page opens, it says "

Path contains filtering characters not accepted by IBFS action
If I then edit the URL and remove the ? before  &SUBDIVISIONIDNAME and then press enter, it works fine.  However, I cannot figure out how to get the question mark from being added automatically.  The URL that I put in the request section is :   https://servername/ibi_apps/run.bip?BIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%3A%2FWFC%2FRepository%2FFinancials%2FSpecialReports%2FPODashboard%2FPO_Overview%2F&BIP_item=pooverview 
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On the HTML page, I am going to the "Requests and Datasources" panel and creating a new url request (only because visualizations don't show up as reports, or HTML pages) and adding the URL as https://servername/ibi_apps/run.bip?BIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%3A%2FWFC%2FRepository%2FFinancials%2FSpecialReports%2FPODashboard%2FPO_Overview%2F&BIP_item=pooverview

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FYI... I found a workaround.  I created a link in the app folder that linked to my visualization and then I add the link as a URL request.  Instead of adding all of the parameters that automatically show up in there like BIP_folder, etc, I created hidden parameters on the HTML page for each of those and put a static value.  That way when it passed them along with the regular parameters, there was only 1 "?" in the query string instead of 2.

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