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Kerberos on Windows

Jeremy Sturgill

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We recently converted webFOCUS over to using Kerberos.  Overall, this is working well.  No on needs to supply credentials.  We can use Klist - and see a Kerberos ticket.  All works well.

For about 7 hours.

For the life of me - we can't figure out why it seems the Kerberos ticket is not auto-renewing.   Around the 7 hour mark (of our 10 hour krb5.ini lifetime - (speculating here) ) - people start seeing "No Single Sign on ticket".  And - they are dead in the water.   Not everyone gets this the same time - or - it's maybe more accurate to say - not everyone notices this as the same time.

They are able to clear cache - or - more specifically -they can just delete the single webFOCUS cookie -and they are back in business.

We do have a case open with Tibco - but - as of yet - we don't have a good handle on "why" not everyone is getting the refreshed session.

I'm wondering if anyone here has Kerberos working properly - and maybe has some suggestions?

The parts of the krb5.ini that we think should be honored - but - doesn't seem to match our expectations:


 ticket_lifetime = 36000
 renew_lifetime = 7d


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@Jeremy Sturgill  I think your kerberos ticket is timing out - time out starts at the time when the ticket is "issued" for the user. I wonder aboout the 7 day renew 

I think this is causing WebFOCUS not to renew the ticket unless you delete it via cache deletion.

Your ticket lifetime seems to be 36000 seconds = 10 hours but the renew is 7 days???



In addition please check this manual -https://docs.tibco.com/pub/wf-wf/9.2.3/doc/pdf/IBI_wf-wf_9.2.3_security_administration.pdf?id=11

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Thank you Patrick.


A 10 hour lifetime - and 7 day renew are default Kerberos settings in the windows world.


That was indeed the doc we followed for our initial setup.


We are still struggling with renews though.  Though troubleshooting - it's clear - if people are inactive - and get signed out - when they come back after the Kerberos timeout - they are properly re-authed - and get back into webFOCUS.  This is good.


However - if people are working all day - the IBI_SESSION_TIMEOUT is pushed PAST the Kerberos end time.  When this happens - people are unable to re-auth.


People see "Reporting Server Error - No Single Sign On ticket" error.


They are then hosed until one of the following actions happens:

  • Wait for web session to expire.
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear the webFOCUS specific cookie


Ideally - we'll be able to find some setting that help it to renew - o r- we can reduce the IBI_SESSION_TIMEOUT - but this feels like it just narrows the window when bad things happen - and isn't really a fix.

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Last comment - as we found this interesting.

Although we have the Kerberos tickets set up for 10 hours - it "appears" everyone gets the same End Time - until hat 10 hour chunk has finished.  This means - the later in the day you log in - the less and less of the 10 hours you get.


It took a bit to figure this out .  We have several users starting at 4:30 AM....but most users start at 7:00 AM.  But - they ALL got the 2:30 PM Kerberos end time.  I initially thought they were only getting 75% of the 10 hours - but- this does not appear to be the case.   They just seem to get the same end time -as whoever logged in first for the day. 


I naively assumed- each person would get a full 10 hours.  That does not seem to be the case.


If we can figure out how each person gets the full 10 hours - my problem goes away.

If we can figure out how the renewals can be happy - even if the IBI_SESSION_TIMEOUT  is pushed past the Kerberos end time - I think we'll be good.


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