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Globally referencing a Stylesheet in 8207.28

Doug Monson
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I am assisting in a WebFOCUS migration from 7.6 to 8207.28. The 7.6 application uses a single stylesheet to style all their reports.

In 7.6, the application has the stylesheet in one of the application directories, e.g. baseapp. The stylesheet is made available globally by the SET STYLE = LANPRT command in the edasprof.prf file. The reference in the edasprof.prf makes the stylesheet available for all reports generated. This same technique does not seem to work in 8207.28.

If I put the stylesheet reference in the actual FEX, it will find it and apply the stylesheet --






If the SET STYLE = LANPRT is removed from the FEX and put in the edasprof.prf file, WebFOCUS does not find it.

I have tried a -RUN after the SET STYLE command in the edasprof.prf file. I also created a FEX with the SET STYLE command in it and tried a -INCLUDE but these techniques did not work. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Thanks Mat. I do not have an ON TABLE SET STYLE in the code. I'm trying to avoid putting that code in every FEX and configure WebFOCUS to find the stylesheet globally for each report. Even if the stylesheet was in the Global Resources section, wouldn't each report need to reference it individually with ON TABLE SET STYLE?

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Hi Doug, I tried it in WF Rel 9.1.0 and saw the same behavior as you did.

I put a



in the edasprof.prf and run a report fex. I see in the edaprint.log that it is taking the new value. But a ? SET STYLE in the report fex shows it back to the default. Other seetings like ASNAMES and HOLDLIST work as expected and desired.

Not sure if this was by design or just a buggish oversight.

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