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Can I create a data visualization off of a hold file?

Egon Heidendal

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I have all the logic written in an FEX, which includes a join as well as the creation of a hold file, and I now want to use the new visualization or designer tool, is this possible or am I stuck with InfoAssist graphs only this way? The FEX was created in App studio. Version of WebFOCUS is 8207.28.13

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You can have the hold file output to the foccache folder where it will stay around for about three hours. The command to do this is:


Once put this in the beginning of your fex and run it, then when you go to create your visualization you should find the hold file in the foccache folder.

When your visualization is created you can include the visualiztion fex at the end of your fex that creates the hold file.

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I wonder if this is a bug or limitation of your release of WebFOCUS. The files in foccache are associated with browser session so that if more than one person runs and creates the hold file then they won't interfere with one another.

You could APP HOLD BASEAPP and hopefully then you would be able to see the hold file from Designer. Once the visualization is developed, you could then change BASEAPP back to FOCCACHE if this is to be run by the general user community.

If none of that works, you might want to contect the help desk to figure out what is going on because it seems like this should work.

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