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Designer filters in a Collaborative Portal Banner

Jethro Funck

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We have a lot of Collaborative Portal pages and in a banner, a single filter created with HTML Composer in AppStudio.

Using 9.2 - I'm trying to replace the filter component with one created in Designer. Trying to get a submit button in Designer that can refresh portal pages and pass the parameters.

I've created button with an Interaction, added a JavaScript function refreshReports()

Then in the JavaScript tab I've added some script, but I may be missing something.


function refreshReports(){ var name = this.window.name; parent.BipIframeInterface.setAllAmpersValues(name, IbComposer_getAllAmpersValues()); parent.BipIframeInterface.refresh(parent.BipIframeInterface.REFRESH_ALL_BUT_SELF , name);}
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At some point HTML Composer got the built-in feature to send filter parameters to all pages of a Collaborative Portal by just checking a box. The JavaScript code you are trying to use looks like what was done before that built-in feature was implemented. I don't know that if it would be expected to work in Designer. In case it might work, did you verify that the code in your refreshReports() actually gets run by putting an alert() in it?

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