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I'm trying to incorporate WF8207.09 fex files into a 9.2 "dashboard". I put dashboard in quotes, 'cause I'm not sure that is what they are called anymore. I'm trying to make a dashboard using the "Assemble Visualizations" option from the plus icon in WF

Franco Simone

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I've been able to add fex files as new panels. The tricky bit that I cannot figure out is how to use a drop down to update an amper variable. I added the drop down using the gui, but still, I cannot seem to figure out how to update an amper variable used by my fexes. I'm open to use javascript if that is what it will take, but I don't know what that code might look like. I've also been able to add a Submit button to refresh the other panels, but ya, I still can't update an amper variable.

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After adding your fexes to the page, do you see the little purple i by the filters icon?

image.thumb.png.28e801a2f4e6a2cb091b96f68560206d.pngClick on filters and then you should see a "+ Add all filters to page" button."

Click on that and you should have the dropdowns added and they would provide selected values to the fexes with the corresponding amper variables at run time. I don't think you get a Submit button by default. The fexes are run when you change a drop down and click off of it.

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In an effort to modularize my code, I like to keep the WHERE clauses in a single file, and other files (like the fexes I add to Designer) use -INCLUDE to make use of them. I don't see the filters like you explain it above and I suspect it is because those amper variables being in the those included files. I'll see if modifying the fexes will fix this. I am going to copy the contents of the included files and replace it with the -INCLUDE statement.

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