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Replace Default images in resource tree with custom images.

Kiran Kethineni

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Is there a way to customize the default images that display when we add resource tree to BIP. For example we want to change the 'star' icon that show up before favorites title with our custom image. I tried updating the 'favorites_16.png' file in /ibi/WebFOCUS82/backup_files/webapps/webfocus/resource/image/bid folder and restarted tomcat but it did not refresh.

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The backup folder is usually the backup done by WebFOCUS during the product update. Those files will not be used by WebFOCUS.

The location of the file depends on how you deployed WebFOCUS - please take a look at your tomcat config


This will look like this - and show you where to find the files - please let me know what you see here

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <Context docBase="E:ibiWebFOCUS82webappswebfocus" path="/ibi_apps" useHttpOnly="true"> </Context>
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In general this is not a recommended / official technique but all those files are stored in one of the .jar files - please make sure to have backups before making any changes

I only have 9.21 available right now - in this version the star-icona are stored in those files - they are archives but you could change them - 8.2 will have similar names

webfocus-webjars-tools-9.2.1.jar - folder META-INFresourcestoolswf_exploreresourcesimages

webfocus-webjars-tools-9.2.1.jar - folder META-INFresourcestoolsportalcanvasresourcesimages

webfocus-webjars-tools-9.2.1.jar - folder META-INFresourcestoolsportalresourcesimages

webfocus-webjars-misc-9.2.1.jar - folder META-INFresourcesresourceimagebid

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