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How can I onclick on a container on a page and open a new page on a new tab?

Sayed Khan
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You could try to put this code in a .fex procedure:

-HTMLFORM BEGIN<a href=https://www.google.com target=_new><iframe style="top=0;left=0;height:100%;width:100%;border:none;margin=0;"></iframe></a> -HTMLFORM END

Then the container could reference the .fex procedure.

You could use an image instead of an iframe.

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window.addEventListener("iba_pageloaded", function (e){ var panel = document.querySelector(".skonclick").ibaObject; // var panel = document.querySelector(".skonclick").ibaContainer; // var tibcosite = panel.addButton({// "glyphClasses": "fa fa-home", "class": "tibcoButton", "tooltip": "Click to display help."}, // ".pd-container-title-button-resize", true);   var tibcosite = panel.containers();   tibcosite.addEventListener("click", function(){ window.open(https://server/ibi_apps/run.bip?BIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%253A%252FWFC%252FRepository%252Fsayedm5o%252Fcar%252F&BIP_item=car_test_sk);}); var runReport = panel.addMenuItem({ "text": "Country Report", "glyphClasses": "fa fa-globe","class": "globemenu"}, ".skonclick>.ibx_menu_item", true); runReport.addEventListener("click", function(){ window.open( https://server/ibi_apps/run.bip?run.bip?BIP_REQUEST_TYPE=BIP_RUN&BIP_folder=IBFS%253A%252FWFC%252FRepository%252Fsayedm5o%252Fcar%252F&BIP_item=car_test_sk); });});

This code seems to get me close to what I'm looking for. It creates a button inside the title portion of the container, when clicked, it opens a new page.

What I want is instead of the button being inserted in the title, I want the whole container to be clickable.

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you so much. That seems to get me 90% there. The only other thing I need is the target to be same page, I want to overwite the current page with a new page. Basically I have a portal with multiple menu tabs on top. Each tab is a page. When clicking on the container, I want a new page to open within the portal leaving the portal logo, menu, etc.. intact.

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