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What are the rules and where does it explain how you set up individual user profiles ?

Ian Dalton

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Hi Ian

That's covered in the Reporting Server Administration manual

TIBCO WebFOCUS® Reporting Server Administration Release 9.1.0

Page 27

TIBCO WebFOCUS Reporting Server Profiles

There are more kinds of profiles than you might expect and the order the profiles get fired off is as follows (still on page 27):

Profiles are executed in the following sequence:

  1. server
  2. service
  3. role
  4. group
  5. user

In general, it seems simpler to make a Group profile than one for individual users.

There's a lot to unpack there around the settings you might put in the individual profiles and how they are applied.

A think I can suggest for you when experimenting with Group profiles, try to think of something you can easily query as you're signed in as different users from the client.

For exmaple, sign in on the client and make a simple fex that says:


Then - in the Group profile you're experimenting with, make a group called something like administrators.prf (this will be under your ibiprofilesadministrators.prf).

In that profile do something like adding a folder to your app path. Like for example, if your app path default in edasprof does not contain IBISAMP, you might make the group profile add IBISAMP onto the end of the app path:


Then save that, and run your APP SHOWPATH fex from the client. If you're in the WF Client Security center group of Administrators, the adminstrators.prf should fire and now you'll see that your app path now has IBISAMP tacked onto the end.

You can use any command you want.

I'll also say you might look in the edaprint.prf for a line that has u=yourid , g=administrators and r=SRV (just an example).. you're mostly hunting for that g= bit where it lists the groups. If you have a .prf file under profiles named the same as the group in the g=, I think the server will find and execute that profile.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have questions. I'll be at the road show with Mark Nesson who is a server guru today!


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