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Hello, Upgrading to WF91 from 82,date drop down calendar a little different


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Hello, Upgrading to WF91 from 82, date drop downs now appear different, a dialog box opening on which I am clicking Custom to get to the calendar. Is there a setting where I can bypass this and get the calendar to open without this step? Cheers

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I sure can't find anything to get the old calendar behavior back. For autoprompt, you can change it back:

Administration Console / Application Settings / Parameter Prompting and choose Responsive and save.

But it has no effect on Designer.

Possibly there is something in the User's Guide where they talk about this new behavior. I glanced through it but didn't see anything.

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Many thanks for having a look at, I had a scan through admin console and couldn't see anything, I can see how the options in that dialog box could be useful, but think if people just want to choose a date it is an extra click they don't need, it would be nice to have option to turn it off. The options are actually greyed out for us at the moment so we can't choose Today, Yesterday or anything else, you wouldn't know how to get them un-greyed out by any chance would you?


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