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[Closed] Is there a way to add a last updated date at the top of a portal

Erin Trotter

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I am working in WebFocus 9.1 and creating a Designer Portal. Is there any way to add a last updated date in the top banner of the portal? Or can I only add this on each page of the portal? I don't see any options like that other than the logo and the theme when you go to edit the portal itself. Also, can a link be added on the portal that would direct to an email for the webmaster?

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Hi Erin -

You cannot add content to the banner in WebFOCUS Designer portal - for the Link one option would be to add a "Help" page to the portal that lists help ressources like the WebFOCUS Admins email or any additional info - i usually just pud a customer help page into the system (uploaded html or just link) that I then put into the Designer portal

image.thumb.png.0f8daccc9c76e37923ec86f74724f807.png image.thumb.png.9a44bff42d37558d448caeae61ad5f20.png 

For the date this will be quite challenging as there is no dynamic content in the Portal my only idea use the name


Hope this helps


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Thanks for your help. Yes, I figured there was no way to do dynamic content in there. The users actually want to see the date on the page with the data, so a help page won't help. I am going to just create a report that only displays the latest date updated and then put that on each page of the data. Since we are talking about the Designer portal anyway, one last question. Have you ever been able to put a custom logo on there? We have one, but when I try to put it on there, it is distorted because the area for the logo is so small that it just squashes it. Can you make the area bigger, or do you have to put a tiny logo?

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For the logo did you ever looked into the theme.css - are you using a custom theme

Here's a short video how to do it

you can change the css for the logo using this css class - i was using this code to make it wider and add some padding so the title is not to close to the logo - of course you can change other css attributes for the class .- and by the way if you have a SVG version of your logo this will scale better.

.pvd-banner-logo {

  margin-right: 10px;

  width: 130px;


Have a great Friday


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If you want to change the size of the logo you can make that adjustment in the properties of the Portal for example:

My URL looked like the following: IBFS:/WFC/Repository/Repro/tibco.jpg,background-size: 200px 60px; height: 60px; width: 200px; margin-left: 4px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px;

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