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Is there a WebFocus RESTful report that lists users and the roles they have? I know there is one that gets the groups a user has but I can't find where the information for roles is located.

Roberto Trevino

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Hi Robert

I don't know of a canned report that will tell you this. But - I wonder if you might be able to answer you questions (who can do what) another way.

I feel like I've seen your name around for a while. You might be thinking in terms of release 7x in Managed Reporting where you'd add a user and then assign them a role - like MR Developer for example. Starting in 8.0, we got a lot more granular.

In 8x and above, a given user ID might be a Developer in one Domain and in another he might be a Run Only user. So in 8x+, the Role is only attached to a person via a Rule. A Rule typically tells us 3 things - who, where and what.

The Who part is typically a Group.

The Where part is an item in the Resource Tree. Often times, this is a Domain folder name.

The What is where the Role comes in. The What tells us What things the Who (Group) can do here.

This is why you can't really just look for the Role assigned to a User. It can change depending on Where in the Resource Tree a Rule was made.

Roles are just collections of Privileges - like List or Run or Read or Delete.... In fact, in the very early days of 80, these were called either Operation Sets or Privilege Sets. You'll still see some references to PSETs in the repository... The point being, that Roles are only meaningful when tied to an object via a Rule.

One thing you might try, similar to right clicking on a User and doing the Group Report, is to go in security center and click on Roles instead of Users. Then Right Click on a Role you are interested in. From there, choose Security / Rules Using this Role:


Read what pops up there and scroll over to the far right to see Where the Role was used.

Now do that for each Role you're interested in. You can do the same thing starting with the Domain folder you are interested in too if that makes it more clear. Right click the Domain folder, then Security and Rules on this Resource.

I bet others have a better way of getting you the info you want. It does seem like a report you could write with REST.

Short of that, if you only have a few Roles you wonder about, you might play with this:

Use the Create Report button at the bottom right. Then Ctrl-A to select All. Then past this info into Excel.

Do this for each role that you are interested in - pasting one result above the other.

You'll have rows to delete that are the headings of the reports. Take those out and resize your columns so you can read them easier (they'll be wrapped to start with).

I'm not great at Excel, but I think I could use this approach if I only had like 3 or 4 Roles I was concerned about.

Anybody else got a report that would be a good fit for Robert here?

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Thanks for the reply.

I will look into it to see if that gets the information I am looking for.

I know there is Restful report that gets all the Roles and one that gets all the Users. (Screenshot below)

I was hoping there was a report that would get all the Users with all the Roles that they have.

And you are correct the roles I am looking at are from when we were using WebFocus 7 (currently at WebFocus 8.27.28)that were migrated into the current version of WebFocus.


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