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How to configure WebFOCUS to use GitHub as Source Control Management

Doug Monson

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I am configuring WebFOCUS 9.1.0 to use a GitHub repository for source control management. I have created the GitHub repository and have successfully logged into GitHub via a web browser. I've been using the WebFOCUS doc and this YouTube video as reference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6lw74LhFLE.

I have enabled Source Control Management in the Administration Console. When I try to place a WebFOCUS Workspace under the control of Source Management, I receive the following error message --

Generic SCM exception: -FETCH- SCM_COMMAND_BAD_CREDENTIALS: Bad credentials

Any guidance is appreciated, thanks.


WebFOCUS 9.1.0

Windows (on-prem)

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I was able to answer my own question. It seems that the GitHub repository must Public in order for WebFOCUS to successfully connect to the repository. I created my repository as Private but once I changed it to Public, I was able to get past the bad credentials message. If anyone is aware of a way to use a Private GitHub repository, I'd be interested in knowing how that is done.



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Hi Doug! Holy cow, we're in bad shape if you get stuck on a configuration question!

I'm glad you found your answer.

I'll say the video you watched has a flaw in it starting at about 40 seconds in. The narrator says:

"Make sure all the content you want to link is published in WebFOCUS". I think she meant to say that the content is published in Github.

Big difference.

I have no clues as to how to link to private Github content right off, but if you feel like digging for clues as to how (of if) this is possible, maybe turning the up trace relating to scm would point you in a good direction?


It's likely that it'll take a lot of time to find a way to leave the Git content Private and still reach it. If you do want to dig around more, I think the parts for that might really reside under the eclipse jar files instead of ours. Or you might have to make a change to ours and recompile which seems like a lot of effort.

Here's a snippet of our java code that might have been there error you were seeing.

/* 71 */ if (th instanceof org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException) {/* 72 */ if (cmd != null)/* 73 */ return (IbiScmException)(new IbiScmCommandException(IbiScmError.SCM_COMMAND_BAD_CREDENTIALS, cmd)).setCause(th); /* 74 */ return (new IbiScmException(IbiScmError.SCM_COMMAND_BAD_CREDENTIALS)).setCause(th);/* */ }

See how it's referencing org.eclips.jget api? I bet the solution actually lives in there.

Hope all is well for you!

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Hi, I've been having trouble with this error too, but I'm trying to connect to our Azure DevOps site. Maybe its the same because it is also private.

Toby, I must have breezed past that log, so thanks for pointing that out. I'll see if I can utilize that for a more details from the error. Also, I'd be keen to hear more about the api.

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Garth, another possibility is to use a personal access token (PAT) in place of the password in the GitHub connection parameters. The PAT is very easy to generate within your GitHub account. Copy the PAT value and use it as the password string. When you use the PAT the GitHub repository can remain Private without issue.

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