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Hello, I am trying to configure Apache Hive connection but i am getting the below error, Could any one please help what the error means and how to resolve. Thanks.

saicharan kancharla

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(FOC1500) : (-1) [00000] JDBFOC>> makeConnection(): conn is NULLjava.sql.

(FOC1500) : SQLException: [Cloudera][HiveJDBCDriver](500593) Communication link

(FOC1500) : failure. Failed to connect to server. Reason: HTTP Response code: 401,

(FOC1500) : Error message: Unknown. OpenSession.

(FOC1500) : at com.cloudera.hiveserver2.exceptions.jdbc4.JDBC4ExceptionConverter.

(FOC1500) : convertToJDBC4Exception(Unknown Source)

(FOC1500) : at com.cloudera.hiveserver2.exceptions.jdbc4.JDBC4ExceptionConverter.

(FOC1500) : toSQLException(Unknown Source)

(FOC1500) : at com.cloudera.hiveserver2.exceptions.ExceptionConverter.

(FOC1500) : toSQLException(Unknown Source)


Test for HiveSQL (SQLHIV) failed due to prepare error:


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Hi Saicharan

I think this looks like the sort of thing you might want to open a as on with TIBCO.

But - let me ask you some questions:

1) what release of WebFOCUS are you working on?

2) what manuals are you looking at to try to solve your issue? Hint - you should be looking at a mnual that has 'adapter administration' in the title.

I can tell you from a quick internet search that an HTTP 401 means 'unauthorized' which may or may not be a real error message. It's possible your communication to Hive just didn't work and the 401 is really coming following the lack of a connection. Maybe it's really reaching the Hive server and getting kicked back for authentication problems, or maybe you never reached it to ask if your userid/pw was correct.

Sometimes in these cases, I like to remove WebFOCUS from the picture all together. Use a standalone product like DBVIsualizer installed on the same machine as your WebFOCUS Reporting Server and see if you can connect with JDBC that way. If you can get DBVisualizer to work, you'll probably be able to get WebFOCUS to work.


Dig in more with these hints and let us know how it's going. Or just open a case and post the outcome of your case here to wrap up your original question.

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