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Is it possible to hide the Workspaces icon in the Hub for people you only want to have access to portals?

Justin Thomas 2

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Thank you, Patrick. I opened a case with support, and they also said it is not possible. They said if the Workspaces icon is not available, users will not have access to resources within the Workspaces. Does not make sense to me, given the Applications Directories icon is hidden and users still have access to resources there. Anyway, I implemented your suggestion about hiding workspace folders. Thank you!

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The idea of the the WebFOCUS Hub with the workspaces is to be the main entrance for report creators. Hiding the Workspaces would be similar to hiding the entracne to a shop. With application you are only hiding one expert area of your store.

That's what support was referring to - WebFOCUS Hub is only there to get people access to Workspace - so hiding Workspaces would make no sense.

For your specific usecase most customers I know just send users the direct portal URL


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