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Has 9.1 actually been updated? Automated email arrived today (4 January 2023).

Toby Mills

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Today I got a couple of automated notes saying version 9.0.4 was updated, and 9.1 was updated.

I looked at the release notes for the Client and they still don't reference 9.1 and appear (by the date in the publication) to be updated last on september 2022. the WFRS at least mentions 9.1 but hasn't been updated since November (again just looking at the text of the release notes).

Anybody have word on whether this is just a faulty email delivery or was there really any new fixes that have been repackaged in 9.1?


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I have been on an IPA kick for a long time too. Lately though, I've been doing more Kentucky rye whiskey old fashioned's and other booze forward drinks. Less of them of course because they're so strong.

So I got not 1 but 2 more emails late yesterday telling me 9.0.4 and 9.1 were updated. That's a total of 3 emails for the day.

Still just 'clerical' as far as you know?

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