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AppStudio problems

steve hodos

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Using AppStudio, the line numbers and some of the icons appear extra small- there is no setting in Options to control this. Anyone run into this problem?

Possibly related- the font for server output - "No Output was returned" - (using Report Viewer in AppStudio) is also absurdly tiny- anyone run into that problem? Thanks.

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Yes I have run into this problem, I don't see any settings to change them. Elements on App Studio's HTML Canvas are real small too.

The only thing I can see that would help is to change the display settings for a monitor and use that monitor to work with App Studio. I went to Settings > Display and changed Scale and resolution:image.thumb.png.4176033d96287e274a0b58f8fe4981e5.pngThat made it a lot easier to deal with.

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Hi Steve! Long time no talk.

I installed 9.1 on a laptop with a 4k display and thought I'd likely see this issue here. But - it's pretty much okay.

What this sounds like is the scaling for High DPI monitors causing your trouble. I wonder what it looks like for you if you use some of these settings on the appstudio.exe executable (or maybe it's still focshell.exe for you) in the bin folder.


Try out a couple of those to see if you scaling behavior is better on your monitor.

I sometimes have luck with System (Enhanced) when I'm messing with older software (like winamp which I used to dig back in the day).

I'd think our newest app studio would have solved the High DPI thing, but maybe not in some situations.

Worth a try anytime you have a program that's giving you super tiny pictures / text on a high res monitor.

Let us know if that helps..

Have a good weekend!


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Toby - great hearing from you as well - and David: thanks for these tips. I am still on Win 10, and override is unchecked. I will keep everyone posted when I get a chance to test with the user.

"You can take the dude of of support, but you can't take support out of the dude"

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