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hello With iway integration tool, I am using the XDHttpEmitAgent using a scheduler channel to make a GET request I write all needed fields in the poperties panel, then test the component.

Nicolas Morant

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I notice with tcpdump that it adds the equal character and the document (the clock for the scheduler channel) at the end :

GET /sap/bc/rest/api/service?sap-client=110&key1=2&key2=2=%3Cclock+time%3D%2216%3A44%3A32GMT%22%2F%3E HTTP/1.0

I manage to get rid of the xml document with a move component using an empty sreg but the equal character is still thereat the end :

GET /sap/bc/rest/api/service?sap-client=110&key1=2&key2=2=

=How can I get rid of this equal sign =?

Thanx a lot

N Morant

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