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When filtering rows of data being imported in, how do you create the expression that uses multiple values to limit the data?

Heather Gordon 2

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I have a table with over 800,000 records, but I only need about 10,000 of those records imported. I would like to use a Transform Data operation to filter the rows based on a list of values; however, I can't find an equivalent of an IN statement in the Expression Builder.

For instance, if you want to limit based on one value you use [COLUMN]='[VALUE]', but what if you want to limit based on multiple values? In SQL, an IN statement is used (WHERE [COLUMN] IN ('A','B','C','D'). How would this be done in the Expression Builder?


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Hi, you can use the in expression even though it was not in the function provided. For example, [Column] in ('A','B','C').

However, I was looking for this solution, I want it to be [Column] in DocumentProperties['Name'] with my document properties = 'A','B' in a string format. With the aforementioned solution is working, but when it comes to document properties, the filter expression is not working. Hope someone could help me on this. Thanks.

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