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(FOC350) ERROR WRITING OUTPUT FILE: How to have Basic users write out file to other servers

Naeem Sufi 3

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Hello All

We have a situation where as a Admin I can write out to files using FILEDEF .. (ON TABLE HOLD to the FILEDEF name/other server path )

But as a BASIC users get error(FOC350) ERROR WRITING OUTPUT FILE: when running the same FEX

reasearching this .. came to a solution on FOCAL POINT to set the WF Secrity OFF by placing EDAEXTSEC=ON in envionmnet variables on windows server

but this not a preffered solution ... Looking at the Server ROLE privileages , there is gotta be one Privileage that allows the Server Admin to write out the file

whuch would be the privileage that allows the Admin to write out

Or if there is another way to get this done without setting the Securty to OFF

Can you please share what you did to resolve this issue our users have several reports that they are remediating from WebFOCUS 775 and they can not resume testing until this issue is resolved


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Hi Naeem,


As per case 02115346, we are currently working on, we used APP MAP to pointing to the share network directory. Added APP MAP DIR "path" in the edasprof.prf and APP PATH DIR. Next, right click on the mapped app DIR and go to Privileges, then for basic users to be able to write to this location, check all boxes for the basic user, click on save.





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