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8.2 Logs not updating

Chad Smith

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I'm currently in remediation testing moving from 8.1 to 8.2. My admin is out of the country for three weeks and I noticed that the 8.2 Logs (monitor, audit, event, etc.) are not updating with recent activity. My last modification date was months ago. Where do I go to see if the startup parameters are not set up for logging and if they are not, what do I do to change them

I'm open to any suggestions or a reference to a users guide if someone can just point me in the right direction. Thanks


The logs not updating are located at /ibi/WebFOCUS82/logs

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Dear webfocusteam.

Thank you for submitting this question.

Our records show that Case 02112931 was also opened in our TIBCO Support portal to work on this issue.

As well as in that case, I'm pasting our suggestions here.

Kindly read and apply:


Login to WebFOCUS Adm Console as "admin", then go to "Diagnostics"

On the left pane, click on "Client Verification" and wait for the result.

Verify the "pass" result on the right frame for "Read/Write logs Directory"



Login to WebFOCUS Adm Console as "admin", then click on "Custom Settings" on the left pane.

In the window opened on the right, verify if you do not have any special logs dir.



Edit your :ibiWebFOCUS82webappswebfocusWEB-INFweb.xml file and look for the below tag:


then verify the value:




Edit your :ibiWebFOCUS82configwebfocus.cfg file and discard any special configuration/path in there



Verify the permissions on the actual logs dir to discard any permissions problem.



If none of the above works, kindly try the following:

6.1 Stop Tomcat

6.2 Remove the entire folder :ibitomcatwork

6.3 Remove the logs under :ibitomcatlogs*

6.4 Start Tomcat

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