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WebFOCUS Reporting Server not shutting down

Manoj Chaurasia

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User unable to shut down their WebFOCUS Reporting Server.

User reported activity:

may have started the server from the omvs command line

It didn't appear to be running (viahttp://ibimvs:11961)

tried issuing an ISTART jcl.

SDSF logs indicated the server was already up.

did an ./edastart -status, it said it was already running

It failed to stop when I issued a ./edastart -stop

it isn't clearing the edatemp and logs (which are under root user) control

Has anyone else encountered this scenario on z/OS & is there an identified solution



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The system adminstrator "killed" the services, and cleared the instance. I believe the issue was that I had brought up the services with OPSYS security, the edaprint logs and EDATEMP folder were under "root" control; and then the service stopped over a weekend.
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