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WebFOCUS (8207 or 9) with Oracle's Multi-Tenant; Supported Anyone using it

Garth Colasurdo

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Our DBAs are migrating our Oracle servers to Multi-Tenant. Not sure what that all means, but it changes some of the connection configs. Specifically it uses the Service Name rather than the SID in the JDBC string, as well as having changes to the syntax of the string. On the Oracle side I think it consolidates database resources and makes management easier.

I have not seen it referenced in the install documentation, or if this is supported, but I wondered if anyone has done such a configuration. It has worked with most of our other ERP systems, but we did have one system require a lot of reconfiguration and updating to make work.

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Just following up, we determined that we do need to update the Repository Database URL to accomodate the Oracle jdbc string connection. However, to do so, we need to contact Customer Support to make the change (can't be made by with the Administrative Config page).


So the new string needs to be in the form of: jdbc:oracle:thin:@{host}:{port}/{service name}


The old form is: jdbc:oracle:thin:@{host}:{port}:{SID}

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