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WebFOCUS: Dynamic filter values against a masterfile on stored procedure parameter

Subbarao Desu

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Hi All,

Usually in any table request when we want dynamic filter values we give the where clause in the below format


Simillarly, is it possible when we have a table request against a masterfile created on stored procedure which has parameters (filters) to be passed.

I have developed a report in designer and because the WHERE clause like above to get the values dynamically is not working against a parameter filter from masterfile created on stored procedure, the paramter on the designer page is showing as an editbox, but I am looking to show a dropdown with multi-select option.

Any help is appreciated!



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Hi Subbu,

What version of WebFOCUS are you currently on

Are you able to reproduce the behavior using our sample files like CAR or WF_RETAIL If so, can you create a Change Management package and attach it to this thread

It may be best to create a case so that we can look into this further.

Thank you,


Associate Support Engineer

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