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How do I post a WebFOCUS question and also filter to view WebFOCUS answers on the TIBCO Community

Manoj Chaurasia

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Where and how can I post a question related to WebFOCUS

Select "Ask A Question"

enter your question title/text

scroll down the window to"Product" and enter or choose WebFOCUS

enter related "tags"

select "Save"


And how can I filter for WebFOCUS answers from the "Answers" tab on the TIBCO Community I don't see WebFOCUS as a "Product" to filter (see screen shot).

We will address this issue - we recommend accessing this pageto view all questions/answers related to WebFOCUS.


Please comment with questions - thanks.!

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I raised a question under product Tibco WebFOCUS (attached the screenshot here) but when I click on the question I get a page that says I have no permission and access denied error. Am I not authorized to see the question I posted How can I edit it I want to add the #ibi and #myibi tags to the question.



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