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I am getting ready to take a deep dive into Deferred tickets...

Toby Mills

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I am getting ready to take a deep dive into Deferred tickets and how they work in a Cluster Load Manager configured environment for 8207.

I thought Id post some parts as I go here. To start with, heres a list that is in the WFRS Administration manual of what the different file extensions mean that youd see sitting in your servers dfm_dir folder:


Extension Description

RQO Request file.

RQD Data file. Contains user ID, optional flags, and so on.

RQP Request is being executed.

RQF Request is waiting to be executed.

DEL Request is deleted.

RPO Response file. Contains the whole report for one request.

RPF Response is ready.

RPE Response exceeds maximum limit.


The question on my mind right now is about using a -INCLUDE or reference to an Excel template where the file location is specified using IBFS:/EDA/EDASERVE - but Im running on a CLM where the main CLM node name is MAIN_CLM. What happens when a ticket is submitted to MAIN_CLM to run deferred When it comes to life, what happens when it encounters the need for an excel template that is referred to as EDASERVE (when the cluster member server has no idea where to find a server called EDASERVE)

The symptom I see that might be related to this problem is that a DFM job shows as Queued, then it flips to Running, then back to Qued - for days in a row.

Im about to go turn on some traces on the reporting server since i have a hung job out there that I can watch. I dont think I even need to submit a new job right now - just turn on traces and I should see the server pick up the dfm job and attempt to start it, then it will get moved back. Maybe Ill see why.

This very detailed type of information is not available in any manuals and Ive asked for any internal docs. So far nothing other than the usual manuals have been recommended. Ill let you guys know if I do get hold of a better manual or paper about this kind of murky subject.

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