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Finding fex's referencing a specific db column

Darryl Griffiths

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It's a while since I used webfocus as a developer (versions 7.6 & 7.7) and we now have version 8.n with development and support outsourced. The folks who look after this system for us seem to be struggling with a wee problem. Don't ask why, but we have changed the precise meaning of a certain column in out database. In practice this means wherever we reference this column in a fex we now need to subtract the value of another column from it to get back to the answer these reports require. Effectivly, if we call this column 'A', we have codethat says 'where A GT 0' and we need to change this code to 'where (A-B) GT 0'.

The problem the team has is finding the fex programs that reference field A. Some will be scheduled reports in Broker, some will be MRE reports. Is it as simple as a windows search on a folder containing the fex code - or are there tools in appstudio that will help

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