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Everyone, Thanks for all your help in the past. These user c...

Julie Anderson

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Thanks for all your help in the past. These user communities are great. I have one question today.

We think we inadvertently configured Oracle19C as our adapter for WebFocus 8207. (And yes, Ill need to update my profile. to reflect our usage of 8207. We are curious if anyone has ever done something similar and if its alright to remove the adapter from the right click and then if we will have the option to reconfigure it as Oracle 12C. I have filed a ticket, too, just in case.

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Hi Julie

Go look for your configuration files for your WF Reporting Server. if you have access to the file system, look under ibisrv82wfsbinedaserve.cfg.

Make a backup of this file first, then edit this part of the file:


dxls_access = y

mss_access = y

mss_rel = 2012

wfcr_access = n

Just change the one for Oracle to n or simply delete the line and restart the server. I think thatll fix you up.

Good luck!


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Thank you. It was actually much easier than we thought. We could open the server and delete the Oracle connection. Then, we were able to start a new Oracle connection with all of the possible Oracle versions available to us again. Thank you so much for this second method though.
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