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I was wondering if anyone has come across this. We are 8207...

John Gelona

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I was wondering if anyone has come across this. We are 8207.28.07. I have just started doing our installations because the guy that did them retired. For me, when Im in the admin console and click on the Security tab to configure security, the screen times out in Edge and Chrome. It works fine in IE. The really strange thing is Ive had two other people try it and it works fine in all 3 browsers for them. We did a network packet trace and for me, it gets to a point and all network traffic just stops but for the other two it keeps on trucking. I have no issues with the Configuration, Report Caster or Diagnostics tabs just the Security tab. Any one else ever see this and figure out what it was
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Hi John

Have you tried just using Chromes F12 debugger to see if it gives you any better info

It sounds very much like some setting in your browsers (Chrome and Edge) is different than your colleagues.

Have you ever tried using Fiddler to trace your sessions I use this a lot to compare browser behavior. It would let you save your traffic to a file, then have a colleague save their traffic and you can compare them.


Lots of organizations may not want you to install it. Wireshark can do the same thing but its really thick. The F12 debuggers have gotten so good, that maybe thats all you need.

There used to be a useful program for comparing IE settings on different machines called IE Zone Analyzer. That was way easier than manually flipping through all the settings that are possible in each zone.

Let me think about this some and see if I can come up with anything. Were running your version here. Maybe Ill see a warning or error thats coming by that gives a clue.

Try Fiddler for fun if you can install it. Ill help you get on your feet with it if you are able to install.



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Yes, weve done a network packet trace and my browser gets to a certain point and traffic just stops and the co-workers where it works keeps going. Weve completely uninstall Chrome and reinstalled it with no change. Edge cant be uninstalled but we completely refreshed it and no change. The trace shows the session ending prematurely with ip packet 2985 below. The WebFOCUS client server sends a FIN, ACK to end the conversation prematurely.
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Our WebFOCUS environment is virtual Linux machines running on IBM mainframe. The Security tab works with IE but not with Edge or Chrome. I can get to all the other tabs on the WebFOCUS Admin Console (Configuration, Report Caster and Diagnostics) in Edge and Chrome. The only issue is the Security Tab.
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