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Hello, were having an issue where the text from the second ...

Karyl Bulmer - 8207.27

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Hello, were having an issue where the text from the second page of the previous value (a BY field) is running over the text of the next value. We thought it might go away once we bursted the report out via email, but unfortunately it did not. This is a PDF document, developed in App Studio.


Hoping that its an easy fix!

Thank you,


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Hello Karen,

Ill have some general advice, but not a direct fix.

I think the #1 reason for overstriking like that is when the margins are too small. You can have small margins, but once the margins are too small, overstriking like this can happen. You cannot have 0 margins)

And, in a compound co-ordinated report, Ive seen it happen if you use fixed (instead of flowing) when the containers are too small. In compound documents, I usually try to use flowing instead of fixed, then link the containers. The report will take the space it needs. When you use flowing, the containers can be small (even really small), because it will take the space it needs when it builds out the report. If you have multiple containers, try making them small, all on the first page, make them flowing, and link the containers.

Im sure someone will chime in with a more exact solution.

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Good morning and thank you for your advice. Your advice did inspire our developer and she got the report to display properly. It is a compound report with four sections. She changed the last section to be a header rather than a footer on the report and the overstriking stopped . It doesnt make sense as to why it worked, but were happy that it worked.

Have a great day!


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